In-Studio Policy

updated 4/25/2020

HI Loves!

Due to the pandemic virus in the last four years I have put an updated studio policy in place to make sure all of my clients are taken care of as well as myself when you are attending pyour sessions! Please read below..

Please read below to make sure your session goes as smoothly as possible!

All props are sanitized with Force Of Nature, Force Of Nature is a A non-chemical hospital grade disinfectant. All fabric props are washed with a free and clear as well as a in washer dis-infectant!

  • No shoes are allowed in the studio, please leave them at the door before entering
  • Hand sanitizer is available in studio and before entering, during, and when leaving .

All areas of my studio and everything that is in client contact will be sanitized after every single session

Immediate family members ONLY are allowed until further notice, I will allow siblings if they are in the photos as well as parents for the photos. One - Two parents allowed, no grand parents, aunts, uncles, unless they are your only form of transpiration and/or your other person here with you. But please keep more people contact to a min. ( I have been allowing nannies in to help with the kiddos during the sessions as well )

I DO HAVE A STUDIO MAX, please ask if you are thinking of bringing someone with you, I would hate for that person to have to sit in the car for the entire session if they are not allowed in.

Please remember I do offer all of the props in studio so as of right now NO outside props are to be brought into the studio until further notice for sanitation purposes.

I ask to please get ahold of me and transfer your session to a different date or cancel and reschedule within 48 hours of your session per contract , especially if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: Fever, cough, lack of taste or smell, fatigue (not from the lack of sleep),

If you are aware you have been in contact with anyone with Covid please let me know so we can re-schedule your session.



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